Piper Warrior II


Economical, Practical & Fun to Fly

600+ NM


15,000 ft


109 kts


The Warrior II was and still is one of the most popular aircraft ever produced in Piper’s PA-28 Cherokee line up, and that’s for good reason. Known for its forgiving flight characteristics and practicality both as a personal recreational aircraft and as a training platform, the Piper Warrior strikes a perfect ballance in the four place single engine catagory that’s simply hard to beat. While some imporvements have certainly been made to the Warrior since its birth in 1974, the airframe and the aerodynamics have remained almost entirely unchanged for this tried and true classic. At CFI, our Piper Warrior II N2069M is a great example of a reliable trainer on the sportier low-wing side and is a great choice for private pilot training.

Aircraft Specifications

Carbureted Lycoming IO-320, Trustworthy and Proven Track Record

Enough fuel to reach your destination and plenty of reserves to spare.

Bring a friend or two and still enough capacity to top off.

Everyone gets a window seat!



IFR Certified

Don’t let grey skys slow you down, IFR ready for that next hard IMC mission.

Six Pack

Classic six place instrument stack and radios.

Low Stall Speed

Have peace of mind that stall speed is among the lowest in the GA Fleet


Realtime position, altitude and heading data relayed to ATC to help keep you safe.