Teach the art of flying
CFI & CFII Certificate

Passing knowledge and experience on to an aspiring pilot is one of the moest challenging yet rewarding experiences in aviation. At CFI we prepare applicants to be the best instructor possible.


Teach others to fly as a CFI

Sharing your passion for flying is an incredible privilege, and there is no better way than as a certified flight instructor. While most pilots become flight instructors to build time, they often discover they are actually the student perfecting their craft, improving their technique, and walk away far more than just hours, most find who they truly are as pilots.

Teach Flight

Building better a Pilot

Teaching others to fly is much more than transferring a skill set from one person to another, it’s about conveying a deeper understanding of the nuts and bolts at work, such that all the ingredients necessary to fly safely are in one’s flight bag.


As a CFI or CFII, you are now able to instruct private pilot students, instrument students, and commercial students, while getting compensation and earning flight hours.


As a CFI or CFII, you can log pilot in command flight time for all dual instruction given, which will in turn save you money on flight time, and help you hit the hour requirements for your Airline Transport Pilot Rating, and much more.

Skill Set

With the acquired skill sets from earning the private pilot, instrument rating, and commercial rating, a certified flight instructor is held to the highest standard while flying. It is expected of them to fly with precision, safety, and ease. As a CFI/I, you become an all-around safe pilot, teaching, and practicing all the techniques of how to be a competent pilot.


As a proficient pilot, you are not only current and legal to fly, but you encompass all the standards and skills of a great pilot. The constant back-to-back repetition of teaching students work out the pilot skills, in turn making them beyond prepared and advanced in the flying.

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How To Get Your CFI & CFII

Step 1

Schedule a Lesson

Make plans to meet an instructor and begin the process. Unlike other certificates or ratings becoming a CFI will be a very different process, understanding the nuisances will set you on the path to achieving your objectives.

Step 2

Set Goals & Make a Plan

Earning your CFI is likely going to be one of the most difficult tasks you've set out to achieve, but it will soon all be worth it. It takes not only skill and determination but also a deep understanding of the fundamentals of instruction, how students learn and process information, as well as the environment in which effective t3eaching can take place. The path to success is ofter narrow but achievable for those that set their mind on it.

Step 3

Welcome to the Right Seat

Once you've made the decision to become a CFI you need to abandon the left seat for the next 1000+ hours, your new home is the right seat. Whether you are flying for fun or working on perfecting that skill you never quite got right a few ratings ago, you'll do so from the right seat.

Step 4

Pass the Aeronautical Knowledge Test

There are two FAA-written tests to get through during your initial CFI, one for those adding on, either of the aeronautical tests will be on the material you've seen at least once before so it should not be too difficult. For first-time applicants the fundamentals of instruction, also known as the FOI is more theoretical in nature and is not related to flying, but the learning process.

Step 5

Begin Teaching

In a successful CFI/CFII program you're no longer the student, you become the instructor, so teach something, anything. Then teach it again another way, you get the idea. By explaining something rather than having it explained, you will soo realize what you know and what you don't.

Step 6

Pass the Test

Congratulations, if you made it this far you'll find yourself sitting with an FAA examiner for one of the most difficult tests of your piloting career, but don't worry you would be here if you were not ready. Demonstrate your knowledge and abilities successfully, and earn your instructor certificate.

Step 7

Celebrate & Keep Going

You are now in an elite club of aviators acting as the gatekeeper to the sky, tasked with the highest level of responsibility for everything from flight reviews to solo authorization. Takes this new responsibility humbly and accepts that you are still learning.


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