2001 Cessna 172R


The Staple of General Aviation

680+ NM


13,500 ft


122 kts


A Cessna 172 is far and away the most quintessential four place single engine flight training aircraft platform available today. The perennial choice of students just starting out, all the way thru advanced ratings before heading to the airlines the 172 offers a stable flight characteristic, a roomy cockpit, and plenty of shade under the wings. At CFI. N783BG is a great example of a newer 172 that still features a 6 pack of steam gauges rather than the more advanced G1000 a sound choice for those working on their private pilots license and perfecting the core skills of instrument training before graduating to a glass cockpit.

Aircraft Specifications

The fuel-injected Lycoming IO-360 delivers smooth and reliable performance.

Combined with a fuel burn at cruse of around 8 GPH, easily reach many popular destinations without the need for a fuel stop.

Full fuel and room for the family along with reasonable baggage for your next adventure.

Everyone gets a window seat!



IFR Certified

Don’t let grey skys slow you down, IFR ready for that next hard IMC mission.

Six Pack

Classic six place instrument stack and radios.

Traffic & Weather

Real time traffic at the tip of your finger, weather radar uplink, ATIS and more!


Realtime position, altitude and heading data relayed to ATC to help keep you safe.