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Experiencing the thrill and freedom of piloting an airplane is certainly amazing, but whe you achieve your private pilots license you take your life to the next level, and it never be the same.


Become a Private Pilot

The private pilots licrense is the first FAA certification for civilian aviation, and a required first step in a series of progressively more challenging rating levels and certifications leading to a career in aviation. During your private pilot training you will learn the fundamentals of aircraft menuavering, emergency procedures, and cross country navgation as well as a basic understaning of aeronautics and mechanics — how and why an airplane flies, and how all the compenants work togther to get you in the air, and back down safely. If you’re ready to get started, or would like to get some hands on exposure to the process of becoming a private pilot, taking a Discovery Flight with a Certified Flight Instroctor is great first step.


Why getting a pilots license is for you!

Learning to fly is more than textbook knowledge and passing a test, its a lifelong educational journey. Aeronautical decision-making, mental discipline, coordination, and application of extensive knowledge and inflight experiance are all combined to make each flight safer and more enjoyable than the one before. And no matter where your aviation journey will take you, it all starts with achieving your Private Pilots License.


What would be hour drive could be done in a 10-minute flight all while taking in stunning scenery and viewing the world from a different perspective. Rise above it.


As a students and licensed pilots are a part of a community of aviators both locally, and globally. The shared interest in aviation and the special priveleges betowed upon pilots means meeting great people, and making life long friendships. Join an elite group.

Skill Set

Once you get your license and fly regularly, you will find that your ability to deal with challenges and problem solve goes far beyond the cockpit and can be applied to many aspects of your life. Think like a pilot.


If your business requires you to travel, having a pilot’s license can be a powerful supplement to commercial air travel. Get to where you need to be with increased flexibility. Travel can be done according to your schedule, not the airlines. Plus, no more waiting in TSA lines, missing connections, or crowded airports. Make it happen.

Getting Started Today
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An introductory flight lesson is a fun and affordable way to experience
the thrill of flying and it counts as your first lesson toward earning a pilot license.


How To Get Your License

Step 1

Take a discovery flight

Meeting with a Certified Flight Instructor, get your questions answered in person by somone that has been exactly where you are, and fly.

Step 2

Set Goals & Make a Plan

Deciding on your why and goal setting are critical to success in any leanring enviroment. Work with your instructor to chart a path that will get you where you want to go and make a plan for how you will get there. At CFI, flight training is tailored to each individuals lifestyle, needs, and goals. How often you fly, when you fly, whether you pay lesson by lesson or a full course, who your instructor will be, the aircraft type -- these are all choices we will help you make.

Step 3

Begin Training

Meet at scheduled times with your instructor to complete lessons in the air and on the ground specifically geared toward achieving your Private Pilots License. Apply for a FAA Student Pilot Certificate as well as your Aviation Medical so your all set.

Step 4


When the time is right and you have demonstrated proficency in knowledge and flying ability, you will pilot the aircraft by yourself. This is a huge milestone.

Step 5

Sharpen Your Skills

You have flown solo, so technically you’re a pilot, but now you have to prove to the FAA that you should be licensed. Work with your instructor to fine tune your flying and increase your knowlege paying extra attention to your weak points. Your almost there. Time to bukle down and push forward.

Step 6

Pass the Test

All your commitment and determination have paid off, your instructor endorses you for both the written and practical (flying) exam with an FAA examiner. Demonstrate your ability succefully, and earn your Private Pilots License

Step 7

Celebrate & Keep Going

You are now a licensed pilot, entrusted with a high level of responsibility. Make sure you celebrate this achievement knowing that this is only the begining of lifelong learning. You have a lot of runway ahead of you to gain experiance and keep becoming an even better pilot. Keep flying regularly, take this momentum and begin your next level of training.

Training Course

Pay - As - You - Go

Billing occurs after each flight based on the amount of time spent with your instructor and the length of time the aircraft is operated. Take care of your balance by keeping cash on account, or a credit card on file for automated billing. See your lesson invoices any time, pause your training, you are in control.

Package Deal

Your level of commitment is extra high and you want to take advantage of upfront all inclusive pricing. Pay one fixed price for a package including course materials, tools, flight and instructional time designed to help you achieve your Private Pilots License as efficiently as possible.


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