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How Individual LessonsWork

Like building of Rome, learning to fly is not something that happens over night. Its a process, built lesson by lesson over weeks, months, and in some cases years. Learning to fly starts with the first lesson, and gradually over time all the information and skills necessary to safely operate an aircraft are acquired. One of the most common questions is, how does the pricing work and how long will it take to get my license.

How Does Pricing Work

The pricing is based on the number of hours with your instructor and time in the aircraft; for example, if you book a two hour lesson, the flight portion is typically anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours of that time, the rest of the time is dedicated to pre and post instruction to prepare you for your flight or debrief and reinforce what was learned. You can expect to pay the hourly rate for the time with the instructor for the scheduled lesson at the published hourly rate, and separately for the time in the aircraft that you used it, aircraft have a Hobbs meter that tracks the time from engine start to shut down, even though your reservation may be for the aircraft for the whole two hours in this example, you would only pay for the time you used.

How Long Does It Take

There is no fixed amount of time outside of the FAA’s minimum 40 hour requirement to earn a pilots certificate, flight training typically takes place over a number of months, spreading out the costs and giving the student time to study and retain the knowledge and skills. We have had students earn their certificate in as few as four weeks, while the vast majority typically take 4-7 months, while others going at a slower pace have taken more than a year to complete their training, ultimately the pace is up to you.

FAA requirement

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Individual Lessons

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If you’re ready to get started, consider taking advantage of our Introductory Flight Lesson. It’s less costly than a normal fight lesson and counts toward getting your pilot’s certificate. You can call or email us if you’re ready to setup an appointment.




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