Discovery Flights

An introductory flight lesson is a fun and affordable way to experience the thrill of flying. Although it’s called an introductory flight, it actually counts as your first flight lesson toward earning a pilot license.


Select an introductory flight package, we offer a variety of options...

Choose the one that is right for you, if you wish to continue your flight training, we’ll get you setup with a instructor to oversee your training, recommend a home study course, books. We’ll also help you get setup with our online scheduling software and discuss any additional questions you may have.

Basic Discovery Flight
$169One time payment

Includes 1 hour with an instructor and up to 30 minutes of airplane time




Discovery Flight Plus+
$209One time payment

Includes up to 2 hours with an instructor Up to 60 minutes of Airplane Time Option of Bringing a Friend Choice of Piper or Cessna

Ultimate Discovery Flight
$249One time payment

Includes up to 2 hours with an instructor Up to 60 minutes of Airplane Time Option of Bringing a Friend Flight in a Diamond Star DA40 BOSE A20 Noise Cancelling Headset Harbound Professional Logbook

High Desert - KMHV Mojave Air & Space Por

Step back in time and a great leap forward with a Discovery Flight to Mojave Airport a storied historical airport with modern day relevance. Navigate your way to an almost 100 year old airport in the California High Desert where the US Marines took over during WWII, where pilots with the right stuff have tested aircraft for decades since, and where the civilian race to space now takes center stage. 

Approximate Flight Time: 1.5 Hr

Central Coast - KIZA Cross Country Experience

As the coast line of California stretches out north beyond the LA sprawl, the beauty of the Central Coast region with untouched beaches and bountiful farmland unfolds below you on this Cross Country Discovery Flight. As your flight plan progresses, you approach to Santa Ynez airport, and as your instructor helps you slow your airspeed for landing you’ll enjoy amazing views of wine country and the much slower life below. 

Approximate Flight Time: 1.5 Hr

Atop the City - KLGB Los Angeles Class B

Take off and head south toward one of the most sprawling metropolitan areas in the world, the Greater Los Angeles basin. With the downtown skyline in view, the Pacific Coast to your right and the famed Hollywood Hills to your left, navigate via Special Flight Rules thru the Class Bravo coastal route corridor directly over Los Angeles International Airport. But not to worry, thanks to the rules of aviation and the watchful eye of air traffic control, those A320’s and 747s taking off right below you are – “no factor”. 

Approximate Flight Time: 1.5 Hr

Island Hopper - KAVX Catalina Island VIP

For prospective students looking to truly capture the spirit of aviation as they explore the possibility of becoming a pilot themselves, what could be better than a flight over the pacific ocean and the famed Catalina Island for a truly unforgettable flight lesson?

Approximate Flight Time: 1.5 Hr

IFR DFL+ -Instrument Challange

Skipping ahead with this unique discovery flight gets you a sneak peek into flying based on cockpit instrumentation putting you that much closer to how an actual commercial airline pilot operates and either simulates (under the hood) or weather depending, will have you actually flying without being able to see out of the aircraft.

Approximate Flight Time: 1.5 Hr

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