Elite PI-1000 AATD

Advanced Simulator

Enhance Your Flight Training Capabilities

7 x

LED Monitors



FAA Certified


PI-1000 Elite Simulator
With the primary goal of helping to train pilots safely on the ground for what they might encounter in the air, devices used to simulate flying have been around almost as long as aircraft themselves. Simulators continue to play an important role in flight training for military, commercial, and recreational pilots alike. They can be powerful tools and a cost-effective way to supplement flight training, but of course, a simulator can never truly replace actual flying in the cockpit, especially the psychological stresses of unstimulated flight, but with large lifelike screens, force feedback controllers, and even full motion, flight simulation has come a long way toward recreating true to life flight.  Today’s simulators are far more technologically advanced than their predecessors, especially in terms of user interface, navigation / instrumentation replication and some are even recognized by the FAA as official training devices. 

Simulator Specifications

Simulate Cessna 172/182/206 & Diamond DA40
Practice makes perfect! Learn at your pace on the ground without the added cost of being in the air!
FAA approved for logging time toward private, instrument and more!

Simulate situations and conditions that would be otherwise unsafe in the air.



Flight Controls

Control Loaded Yoke with Active Feedback & Realistic Throttle Quadrant


A fully integrated flight deck packed with the latest features for superior situational awarness, convenience and safety.

iPad Link

Connect your iPad with Foreflight to the simulator for an end-to-end experience


Fly the same approaches, holds and routes as you would locally here in Camarillo or around the world!