1979 Cessna 172N


The most popular four-seat aircraft

575+ NM


14,200 ft


125 kts



Sometimes simple is better and with a late model 172 there is little in the way of uneeded distractions in the cockpit allowing students to get in the way of no nonsense basic training. Everything is where you expect it to be. Throttle, mixture, altimeter, heading, check. Flaps, fuel selector, horizonal indicator, check check check. Sitting in the cockpit looking out over the instrumentation, your looking at a view captured thousands of times over in aviation training manuals the world over and a groupign of controls so familiar to pilots around the world that you could propobably fly it regardless of wht language the checklist is written in. Utilitarain, no fuss, just what you need to get the job done. At CFI N6523D is a great economical choice as a primary training aircraft or perfectly suitable backup aircraft when your preffered tail number isn’t available for all tpes of training incluiding instrument.

Aircraft Specifications

Carbureted Lycoming IO-320, Trustworthy and Proven Track Record

Combined with a fuel burn at cruise of around 8 GPH, easily reach many popular destinations without the need for a fuel stop.

Full fuel and room for the family along with reasonable baggage for your next adventure.

Everyone gets a window seat!



IFR Certified

Don’t let grey skys slow you down, IFR ready for that next hard IMC mission.

Six Pack

Classic six place instrument stack and radios.

Traffic & Weather

Real time traffic at the tip of your finger, weather radar uplink, ATIS and more!


Realtime position, altitude and heading data relayed to ATC to help keep you safe.