Piper Warrior III


The Pride of the Fleet

600+ NM


11,000 ft


117 kts


The one that started it all, pride of the fleet! Six-November-Delta was the first aircraft and it’s still going strong, remaining to this day ever popular with student pilots just starting and high time flyers looking to simply take to the sky, its no wonder its one of the most popular tail numbers seen flying the pattern. A low wing four seat Piper Warrior III with 160 HP is equipped with dual Garmin 430 and vertically stacked PFD/HSD configured G5’s makes it a solid choice for training for your instrument rating after you finish up your private, providing continuity from one license to the next. Join the many students at CFI who have earned their pilots license’s in 6ND, as well as many whom have continued on to become flight instructors and some of which are now flying with the airlines, all of which share this proud “N” number in their logbook.

Aircraft Specifications

Carbureted Lycoming IO-320, Trustworthy and Proven Track Record

Easily reach many popular destinations without the need for a fuel stop.

Full fuel and room for the family along with reasonable baggage for your next adventure.

Adjustable Pilot & Copilot Seats, Fixed Rear Seat, each Soft & Comfortable!



IFR Certified

Don’t let grey skys slow you down, IFR ready for that next hard IMC mission.

Six Pack

Traditional instrumentation agumented with dual Garmin G5's

Traffic & Weather

Real time traffic at the tip of your finger, weather radar uplink, ATIS and more!


AHRS Solid-state sensors to measure aircraft attitude, rate of turn, and slip and skid.