Flight Instructor

Camarillo Flight Instruction has an extraordinary staff of over 10 instructors to guide student pilots throughout their training. 

Michael Linn


I knew I wanted to be a pilot from a very young age; playing with Lego bricks I would assemble all sorts of flying machines and spaceships. At the age of fourteen, I approached my parents with the idea of taking flying lessons, and, knowing my passion for it, they said yes.

When I turned sixteen I soloed, and at seventeen, I had a pilot’s license. While attending college in San Diego, I continued building hours and experience; adding instrument, commercial, multi-engine, and flight instructor privileges to my license. By 2008 I made my way back to Camarillo and continued my passion for flying by receiving a checkout with a local flight school. Having passed out of several flight schools in San Diego, I soon realized that Camarillo lacked what most other airports seemed to have, a great place to rent aircraft and learn to fly. So I set out to buy an airplane and, with my instructor certificate, teach others my passion. I could never have predicted what would come of it, today, with an incredible array of aircraft and a fantastic group of flight instructors to work with, I’m humbled by our success and look forward to continuing to offer pilots a great place to learn and fly.

Michael Linn


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